How to Write a Blog? Complete Guide for Beginners to Make Money

How to Write a Write a Blog and Make Money

Are you crazy about learning something new? Are you worried about how to learn and from where to learn? So you are at the right place. We are here for you! You will learn about how to write a blog and complete guide for beginners to make money blogging.

This blog is for you to clear the concepts of the blog and how to create content for the blog. After readying through this blog, you will learn how to write a blog and also why you should start blogging.

So, let’s start to read!

What is a Blog?

A blog is a piece of specific information on a single subject showing on a webpage. Generally, the information is displayed in reverse chronological order, recent blog posts appearing on top. It is more informal or conversational style than formal style. It is a platform where information is updated on an hourly basis, with a day gap or with a week difference. Usually, a blog is run by an individual person or a small group of people with the same interest.

Basically, the blog is short for “web log” and the concept is started to maintain the online diary or journal to keep information useful for others to read. Anyone can read the blog when it appears publicly on the website. The link of a blog post can be copied to save and for later read. The blog owner can set a blog post by providing options to share, copy-paste content, or to merely use the information for personal use. This is about the blog posts and language style you can use to setup your own blog. Have you ever been curious to know from where the concept of the blog came? Let’s have a glimpse of the history of a blog before indulging into how to write a blog which makes money.

Business Blog

Blogs which are based on a company website and are meant to promote company values are Business Blogs. When it comes to businesses, their blogs on their company websites are mostly run by the content managing teams whose sole purpose is to regularly update and upload the relevant content on the company blog so as to attract maximum organic traffic. In case a business or company does not want to keep a dedicated team to run a company blog, they get some Content Writing Services to manage their blog. The sole reason is they are the best in the job and know how to write a blog which generates 10x traffic for any website or can make money.

Businesses find it helpful for their growth. They can reach their target audience by browsing blogs on websites. It also helps the customer to reach a level of satisfaction about the product. Through blogging, you can build customer’s trust as well.

Personal Blog

When a single person creates a blog to share his or her personal views that is called a Personal Blog. Many people have their personal blogs where they share their own thoughts on day to day topics or about some special field. These are the small blogs which are mostly run by the owner himself / herself and if you know how to write a blog you can start your blog right away.

Personal and niche blogging is the top trend nowadays. It has a specific domain of blogs to reach out to a selected audience. It allows you to talk about your interests and express your thoughts. Visitors can comment on your blogs. You can also interact with the public via the comment section. It helps to create a network with new people.

A glimpse of Blog History

In the mid-1900s, it was a time when the internet was still new. The concept of maintaining personal web pages/blogs to store the content was unknown. The pioneers in writing on the internet were Justin Hall, Claudio Pinhanez, and Carolyn Burke. With the passage of time content writing on web pages got popularity. In 1996 and 1997, people started noticing documenting the content formation to publish online.

People find it worthy to use as an online diary. People started sharing their personal life stories, such as family life, personal thoughts, academic journey, career, travelling histories, factual knowledge and other information.

In 2003, a web “WordPress” was introduced which took power over 30% from other websites. People started making their own personal websites to publish personal content in the form of a blog.

Today! Blog writing is more popular than ever. Even the kids know how to write a blog and they are sharing their thoughts regarding their interests by publishing it. The world is amazingly running to the next level. In recent past years, more than 30 billion blog posts have been published. You can search for a blog on multiple facts, specific topic, or any word running into your mind.

A surprising statistical analysis definitely makes you able to read this blog. So you can learn the new skill of blog writing. And you can be the next famous blogger. More than 6,000,000 blogs are uploaded on different websites. The per mint statistics is 5,000 plus blogs. These high statistics shed light on the importance of a blog in today’s advanced world.

Now, before talking anything else, let’s move to the technical concept how to write a blog? Complete guide for beginners to make money.

What is a blog writing? How does it work?

It is an online informational site to publish content online with reverse chronological order. It means that new posts appear first on the webpage. A blog can be a formal writing style and maybe an informal or conversational style.

What is blog writing How does it work

What is a Blog or Blogging?

Blogging is an act of writing an online post on the website. It is a set of many skills to run the logistics of the blogs. How you are organizing the content, process of writing, linking posts, and sharing the content and what kind of information you are publishing in a blog. The series of blog posts are uploaded on the website regularly.

Who is the Blogger?

A blogger is a person who writes content for blogs. The content is based on an informational or personal opinion. It is typically run by a small group of people or team and individual. Usually, it runs the gamut from lone writers. They do blogging as a hobby. Others are corporate bloggers who do blogging to provide something new and informational. They work as a team and have a specific aim.

Blog vs Website, What is Difference?

The major difference between the two, the blog and the website is that blog is one part of the website page where the content on a daily basis is published. Whereas the website has statistics with some pages like about me, contact us, privacy, our services, terms and conditions, and help etc. The content of the website usually doesn’t change once it has been published. Unless they need some changes in content to add on or eliminate. Some websites have a single page. They don’t need more webpages to show their company’s details.

Business companies use websites because they don’t need to change the content of the site. Only in some cases, when the product has changed, they need to edit their content. Some business companies also have blogs so they can reach the target audience. The blog-devoted websites or websites associated with blogs update web on a regular basis.

Blog post has an online conversation. You can create continued discussions on the blog. At the bottom of the blog site, they have a comment section. You can comment on each blog separately. You can share your personal view on a particular blog. You can agree or disagree with the given information. Everyone can read those comments. The blog owner can reply to your comment as well.

What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Webpage?

Simply, the blog post or blog content appears on the webpage after it has been browsed. When you publish the blog content, then it can be read by the public. The term “page” or “webpage” is a location or a document on the website. The website has a single page or number of pages as per need. The websites having numerous pages are like home, about us, contact us, services, blog, privacy, term and conditions, and customer service or help, etc.

The term “blog” is used to describe the specific content that is shared on a regular basis on the specific location of the website called blog. The blog-focused websites may have multiple blog pages regarding categories about the blog. The new content uploads frequently on blog-focused websites. Non-blogging web pages never change their content or maybe edit on a yearly basis.

Why is Blog Getting Popular?

Today, blogging has become a trend. It is a channel to outreach people and share ideas and personal opinions. It has become a source of new information. People are crazy to learn how to write a blog just to start writing blogs and keep themselves up to date. Some people adopt it as a profession and others may opt as a hobby. Some adopted it just for enjoyment and others may be to make money. Some are looking for social networking while others may adopt for professional needs.

Business Blog

Businesses find it helpful for their growth. They can reach their target audience by browsing blogs on websites. It also helps the customer to reach a level of satisfaction about the product. Through blogging, you can build customer’s trust as well.

Personal Blog

Personal and niche blogging is the top trend nowadays. It has a specific domain of blogs to reach out to a selected audience. It allows you to talk about your interests and express your thoughts. Visitors can comment on your blogs. You can also interact with the public via the comment section. It helps to create a network with new people.

So, every blogger has their own motivation to start a blog. Blogging is the best way to find opportunities and interact with new people from different cultural backgrounds. You can start blogging to grow your business.

What is the Purpose of the Blog?

There are many benefits to blogging. Either you are starting your own blogs or engaging with some group of bloggers. You can also add to the business website.

At an initial level, you can write a blog to attract your audience. With the presentation of a blog, you can force visitors to read the blog. The increasing number of visitors is a sign of more revenue.

Benefits of Blog

  • To display your talent and skills with the magic of your words
  • To make your portfolio which will help you in a job or start your brand
  • To build up command on a topic or particular subject/business
  • To generate money with some endeavour
  • To make a bridge of social networking by interacting with new people
  • To share your personal opinion
  • To make a roadway for fame

How can You Become a Successful Blogger?

First of all, define what does the word “success” mean to you? How do you define success? Or you just want to connect with people having the same interest. Do you want the six figures earning from your blog? Do you just want to show your talent to the world? Or something else? So how you define success is your personal choice.

Although, let us look at some key points to become a successful blogger. Some essential attributes that are helpful in excellence blogging. There are three Ps which are key characteristics to achieve success.


If you thick blogging is easy, Then you may be wrong, blogging is not a piece of cake on your plate and you just have to eat. Neither fun nor an overnight success. It is a struggle in the initial months. So, patience is the first element for success in the field of blogging. You can make blogs slowly and steadily to become a top blogger.


Keep it in your mind! Create your weekly goals to write a blog. And remember you cannot upload 100 of the blogs in one night. It takes approximately 7 to 9 months to build traffic on your blogs. So, never give up and keep persistent behaviour to achieve what you want.


In the beginning, you may get overwhelmed and want to reach as maximum an audience as you can. Being passionate is good. But remember you need to come up with good topics and genuine information to catch the audience.

There are some more qualities that are the pathway to becoming a successful blogger.

Innovative Mind

Remember! You must come up with new ideas and new thoughts. You can grow quickly if you use new strategies and update yourself to give excellent content to your audience. You must be willing to learn new things and apply practically.

Healthy Use of Social Media

You create accounts on all social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. These are very helpful to drive traffic on your blogs. So, you only need to find which platform is more helpful for you. You must select at least 2 social media platforms so you can target a large audience in a shorter time.

Find Your Niche

This is a great tip that no one will tell you. You must discover your niche so you can work better. You will be able to make strong command on a single field. This is the best choice to find your interest and go with it.

Optimize Your Blog

Optimized content is a strategy to put your blog in the top search engine. Your blog should be optimized. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a successful strategy to rank your content high in Google SERP results.

Keep in mind nothing is perfect, you always make new updates to get what you want!

How to Make Money from Blog?

There is a wide range of ways to make money from blogs. You can opt for any type of blog websites to make money. So, let you know about the trending way of blogging to earn more. Affiliate marketing is the most common nowadays. You recommend the reader to buy your produce and service and earn a commission when the audience buys them through the given link.

Another option for earning via blogging is displaying Ads on your websites. Basically, the monetization is in return produces money. If you have heavy traffic on your website you can earn more money by displaying Ads. You can display Google Adsense Ads on your blogs, videos, images, text or other attractive Ads. Your readers are targeted thought Ads. this is the way you will earn money on Click-per-Cost (CPC). So, The number of visitors is calculated by Adsense when the readers click an Ad on your blog and you will be able to earn money. There are multiple factors are involved areas of your traffic, the way you use keywords, and the number of words in your blog.  This is how blogs are a useful way to make money.

One more thing to remember, if you have low traffic your blog you will not earn much money as compared to the heavy traffic blogs.

How Much Income Can You Make From Blog?

You can earn more money even if you have not thought about it. In the initial year, you can earn more than $500 to $2000. With the passage of time, your revenues increase surprisingly. Many bloggers reported that they earn more than $30,000 per year.

The full-time bloggers who are passionately doing this job are earning $200,000 per year. Their income is showing that they work 24 hours a day. No not at all, you will be wonder after knowing that they only work 10 to 12 hours a day. They have the best working strategy and well-managed routine which leads them to earn more.

The blogger who are working in small groups is earning over a million dollar per year. They are giving a maximum of 10 hours per day. So, blogging is an easy-going job if you do it with full interest.


From the above post, you must have been clear about What is a Blog and What is the difference between Blog Post and a Website? You must also have got an idea how much money you can make by blogging that too only part-time. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on Blog Post and how to earn money, you can comment below. You may also share your experience of earning money online especially through blogging.


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