9 Types of Content Writing for Businesses

9 Types of Content Writing For Businesses - iVirtualDigits

Every morning you choose what to eat in a breakfast. Because you have a range of options to what eat in your breakfast. Similarly, in Content Marketing, you have a range of options to choose which style or types of Content Writing you want for your business. 

Were you aware of this? If you are a content writer or want to hire a content writer for your business, then you should be aware of different types of Content Writing to start with. Today, Content Writing is considered as a lighthouse in the ocean of Content Marketing. If you want to survive into the water of the Content Market Ocean, then you need to be more specific in your writing niche. Confused…? Don’t be…. Because a thorough read of this blog will clear your mind about different types of Content Writing. This will help you to choose exact writing style from different types of Content Writing for your business. 

Good type of Content Writing will ensure increase of your customers.

Table of Content

  • SEO Content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Editorial Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Ghost Writing
  • Marketing and Communication Writing
  • Press Release writing 

SEO Content Writing 

SEO Content Writing is viewed as the ‘King’ in Digital marketing. Just like you can comprehend, the title ‘SEO Content’ which is a combination of two unique streams: SEO and Content. Let’s enfold a curtain from these two entitle terms. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, used to invite more web crawlers by focusing on the rules of Search Engine Optimization. Alternatively, Content is the data that you write on a website. This requires Content Optimization by utilizing different smart techniques of SEO, which will rank your website on first page of Google. So, you can realize NOW! Why SEO is a King for content. 

SEO Content spins out the generic content by following the creativity and rules of SEO. SEO Content Writing is crafted to make articles, Blogs, Meta depictions, Meta tags content error-free. To enhance the Content for the web indexes and make it readable by utilizing understandable language, headings, and subheads, pellets, highlights, paragraphs, and sentences. The relevant keywords are recognized in the content by naturally blending it into the content. Do use keywords several times as it will raise a tremendous warning of “red sign”. With SEO Content Writing, online space gets its customary data which is SEO optimized and SEO friendly at the same time.

Technical Writing 

Technical writing, as the term clarifies, is a tech niche. It deals with computer hardware and software, electronic and robotics, biotech and chemistry, aeronautics, and technical topics in which the technical writer has excellent experience and knowledge. Technical writing is very complex and not everyone’s cup of tea. Technical writer bridges ways between the audience and the audience’s comprehension. 

If you are looking to be a Technical Writer, then you need to be specialized in technologies and technological advancements. The major role of a technical writer is to write complex information into simple language so everyone can understand it. For easy understanding of the audiences, you should use a lot of images, infographics and videos if possible in technical writing. You need a passion for technical writing niche to write interesting content for your audience. 

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Editorial Writing 

Editorial Writing is related to the writing of books for school, college, and university students. In editorial content writing, writers design content syllabus according to students’ curriculum. Now, due to the advent of the internet, editorial writing is written on computers and also online. You can find online books written by editorial content writers. These editorial content writers frequently update their content to provide readers with the latest version of online books. These editorials can operate on different systems like Windows 7, 8 and 10, also on android and apple mobile software to provide editorial writing. This advent of technology makes learning more easily and the latest for readers in the form of editorial writing. An editorial content writer creates following types of content:-

  • Websites and blog content.
  • Subscription newsletter articles for printed and online newsletters.
  • Case studies, white papers and business reports.
  • Mission and vision statements.
  • E-Books and print books.
  • Bios and corporate backgrounders.
  • Annual reports, business plan or business proposal (including RFP, RFI and RFQ) content.
  • Additional content depending on their skill set and interests.
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Report Writing

For businesses and industries, report writing is crucial for their success because they need very thorough research in the corporate structure to present its operations. Report writing is a formal writing type because it is a kind of business writing like official emails, monthly reports, and project presentations. Report writing is very lengthy and well-researched writing because it represents the industry’s whole function. So, the report writer should have in-depth knowledge in this area to write as per corporate structure. As a report writer, you require deep study, updated knowledge and information to write about the latest trends in the industry. More importantly, you should have the ability to analyze the latest evolving trends within specific niche or industry to write up-to-date and relevant report writing. In this field, you need to emphasize content quality, subjects, and deadlines. 

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Feature Writing

Feature Writing is one of the most creative type of Content Writing, which includes creative content like printed columns, lifestyle, food, digital space, short stories, poems, satire and humor, and entertainment. It is a feature to educate and entertain readers by adding some emotions and purpose in feature writing. It is a kind of news article but in a different manner. Feature writers observe every single thing minutely and wave their words around the stories. As a feature writer, with your exceptional vocabulary, you can influence the minds of your readers. This writing niche can include separate pages on websites. Where you can write about travels, seasons, personal care, tips, food, and lifestyle blogs. This writing carried a conversational tone so the reader can easily relate it personally. You can follow certain tips to attract your reader while doing feature writing:

  • Catchy heading 
  • Attractive subtitles 
  • Simple language
  • Lucid style 
  • Short paragraphs  

To excel in feature writing, you need to be very creative and entertaining, to become a popular feature writer. The qualities of a feature writer are as under:-

  • A keen observer.
  • Intellectually curious.
  • Ability to find features in everyday happenings.
  • Cupboards of descriptive words and everyday idioms.
  • The skill to weave words into interesting sentences and paragraphs.
  • The ability to write.
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Copywriting is the most competitive field and a demanding field in the ocean of Content Marketing. In business world, Copywriting is a very vast field, so as a copywriter you need to be highly creative. Because you can have the task of composing, creative jingles for any television or radio advertisement. It is a highly creative job because you can also ask to compose punching lines for billboards, flyers, posters, for brands, or newspaper advertisements. Copywriting directly deals with the businesses. As a copywriter, you need a highly exhaustive vocabulary to compose creative content for advertisement, which can cast a spell over your readers. You need to draw far-fetched but clear and creative ideas that look real and can appeal to readers. You can be a popular copywriter among your readers only because of your inner capability and endless creativity for copywriting niche in a specific niche.  

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Ghost Writing

The name of Ghost Writing seems paranormal but does not get scared of it. Because ghost writing is not about any dead walking man or about ghosts. Ghost writing is a kind of Content Writing where you hire someone to develop content for your business or website. In a win-win situation, the writer will be paid for it and you will get the copywrites for the e-book or article. Today’s online web Content Marketing, there are many companies who provide ghost content writers.

When you are a writer and wants to start with ghost writing, then always mindful of the fact that you will not be honored as a publisher or owner of the article or book. All the owner rights will be with the person who paid you for writing for his business. As a ghostwriter, you have to be very innovative and creative at the same time. You should have enough knowledge of that niche to start with ghost writing. 

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Marketing and Communication Writing

Marketing and Communication Writing is a very challenging and vast writing niche in the online market. In Content Marketing, marketing and communication writing is an online writing ocean that carries articles, blogs, web content, e-books, social media content, newsletter, fiction, and non-fiction content, email content, audio and video content, and offline marketing like posters, flyers, and brochures. For marketing and communication writing, you have to be very creative because it is a different kind of Content Writing niche. Other than SEO Content Writing, articles in this niche need marketing content and requires drawing customers for the businesses. Your main focus will be on improving Content Marketing. You have to be descriptive in content as this form of writing helps to market the products and reach customers. The language should be simpler than your audience can easily comprehend because you are informing them about your product.

You need well-researched content including facts and figures. You need to:

  • Be sharpen your eyes to cater to designing
  • Be descriptive in Content Writing
  • Develop attractive content
  • Use simple language
  • Highly interested in marketing

Marketing and communication writing demands creative content with strategies. If you want to be more popular in this niche you have to develop critical and creative thinking along with the knowledge of specific industry. 

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Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing is a kind of business writing which is used to communicate new advancement and development in a company to the targeted audience. In the old days, Press Release was used to advertise new business development or update to be aware of its customers. Many businesses use to advertise their advancement through press release writing in newspapers. This was useful to approach their targeted audience easily. It is a source of an announcement like an extended business, opened market, opt marketing deals, signed mergers, and new products in the market. Now, due to the advent of Digital Marketing, press releases went through changes. It is written to manage and market sales and to approach its targeted audience. As a press release writer, you need to be highly updated through the latest market trends and also do deep research. 

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After reading the blog post, you have better understanding and idea of why you should choose a niche in Content Writing just like your breakfast. Choosing specific niche in Content Writing is important for you as a writer or a business as it will define your customers or target audiences. You can only be successful in this ocean of Digitizing Marketing, if you know which form of writing is best suited for you to grow your business. If you want to be a content writer you need to be more specific in your writing niche.

Moreover, for businesses, if you want to target more customers and want to increase your customer base, then you need to be specific in Content Writing niche. If you have dedicated team of writers on your company list, then just guide them about your goals and target audience along with the style of writing you want for your business. However, if you do not have writers on your payroll, then, you need to hire professional services of Content Writing Agencies to take care of your business writings and grow your customers.

If you know more types of Content Writing styles or want to add or suggest something, then you are encouraged to write in comments below.


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